Dreadlocks Naturally - Organic Dread Care

Dreadlocks Naturally is an Australian brand producing high quality organic dread care 🌿  The basis of all products is organic aloe vera and herbal extracts that care for your hair and scalp while also assisting the natural locking process.  

Trialled and tested on dreadheads!  Years of research has gone into developing each unique formula specifically to benefit and care for dreadlocks. All products have been precisely perfected for maximum effectiveness.

Everything you need for super amazing hassle-free dreadlocks  ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Vegan, cruelty free and residue-free.  Made in Australia 🇦🇺

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best product to tighten dreadlocks?

Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo is the best product to tighten your dreadlocks. It accelerates the maturing process and tightens your locs with every wash. Using Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo is far more effective than any type of tightening spray for tightening your dreads. Our SmoovV dreadlock gel can also assist in tightening your locs.

Which dreadlock shampoo is best for me?

We have 3 different types of shampoo formula's which have different benefits depending on your dread stage or hair type. Lock Up Fast is recommended if you have new dreads or oily/silky hair type, this formula is also incredibly good if you are wishing to start freeform dreads. Naturally Knot is recommended if you have mature dreads or a dry hair type. Colour Care is recommended if you dye your dreadlocks and want to preserve the colour or if you have damaged hair.

Should I condition my dreadlocks?

We generally only recommend conditioning once your dreadlocks are mature, if you need to, and using dread safe products to do so. Our Dread Juice Moisture Mist and Dread Nectar Oil Elixir are 2 great products for this. Our SmoovV dreadlock gel is good for adding a bit of moisture to new dreadlocks.

When should I do a dreadlock detox?

We recommend doing a deep cleansing soak 2-3 times a year once your dreadlocks are mature. Mature dreadlocks can become quite dense and dirt can sometimes get trapped inside. Soaking your dreadlocks releases trapped dirt and removes any build up. If you work in an environment where you get a lot of dust in your dreadlocks then you may wish to detox your dreads more frequently.

How is dreadlock shampoo different from any other natural shampoo?

Even though most natural shampoo's may be free of silicones and other nasty ingredients they usually still contain quite a few conditioning agents designed to make hair soft, silky and tangle free which may hinder the locking process for some hair types. Our dreadlock shampoo's are residue free and do not contain conditioning ingredients, they are designed to only clean the hair and leave nothing behind. Dreadlocks Naturally shampoo's are formulated to assist the maintenance of dreadlocks and helps to lock up your hair.